Radon testing in Pataskala or Columbus, OH property

Safeguard the Health of Your Family and Employees

Hire us to conduct radon testing at your Pataskala or Columbus, OH property

If you're concerned that your home or business houses high radon levels or your property has never been tested for the gas, call 3D Radon Designs LLC right away. We can test any residential or commercial property in the Columbus or Pataskala areas. Once we receive your test results, we'll review them with you and determine your best course of action.

Call 614-595-9838 today to schedule radon testing for your Pataskala, OH area property.

Don't believe the myths about radon

If you've heard any of the following statements about this gas:

Scientists are unsure whether radon is a serious issue
Radon testing devices are unreliable
Radon testing is tedious
It only affects certain types of properties
A neighbor's radon test result is a good indication of radon levels in your property

...know that these statements are false. 3D Radon Designs will conduct a thorough radon testing so you can keep your family or employees healthy.

Contact our office in Pataskala, OH today for more information about radon testing.